Editorial and Archive

At Film Solutions we pride ourselves on our teams editorial knowledge and expertise.  We will work with your production, publicity and marketing teams to break down your script, story or project and identify what images need to be captured. If required we can act as your complete end to end photo department. We can help you select your mastersets, keysets and presskit selections which will help you sell your project better to your audience. We will help find that iconic image that perfectly captures your project and will burn into your audience’s mind.
In addition to our editorial services we also provide Archive storage and retrieval services. We manage your valuable image assets on a secure server. We can make your assets available 24/7 or we can deep file them for you and store and retrieve when you need. Your marketing assets that you commission are valuable additions to the entire project. We recognize the long tail economy that they provide for our clients and provide an archive service that responds that need.
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